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Each client has a distinct hierarchy of stakeholder audiences; we believe that prioritization should help guide report structure and content. Investors are the premier focus of Verizon’s corporate responsibility report, and ensuring that those stakeholders have quick, easy access to actionable information was a top priority for the 2017 CR report. In the first year of our partnership with Verizon, we reimagined the report to deliver access to all content from a single web page in order to provide a simple, streamlined user experience — an approach that was in stark contrast to previous years when information was distributed across various interactive pages and a PDF.

Investors can access content on a unique home page that uses digital tiles to reveal content and data.

All ESG data in the report is consolidated into a centralized data center.


The graphic presentation incorporates all aspects of Verizon’s distinctive corporate brand.

Interactive graphics demonstrate Humanability, Verizon’s strategy for giving humans the ability to do more in the world.