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What does progress look like?

An all-electric future.

Strengthening disclosures

Over the course of many years, we worked with GM to increase the rigor of their reporting.

The ESG landscape looks very different today than it did a decade ago. Investors and regulators are taking a closer look at businesses’ sustainability performance. New frameworks put forth new ways to disclose — and add complexity. This is particularly true in the automotive industry, which is both highly regulated and has a significant opportunity to decarbonize.

Our relationship with GM began with sustainability reporting. But over our decade-plus partnership, it expanded to encompass much more, including materiality assessments, benchmarking, strategy development and deep engagement with subject matter experts and leaders, as well as supplemental reports, including a Human Rights Report. With each year, we helped GM advance their disclosure and storytelling approach, ultimately emerging as the benchmark reporter it is today.

From the beginning, we developed a sustainability strategy for GM aligned with their business strategy. Given the company’s focus on vehicle safety, electrification and automation, we helped GM develop a set of aspirational goals to communicate their vision for the future: Zero Crashes. Zero Emissions. Zero Congestion. Over time, this message has evolved and positioned GM as a leader in offering affordable, electric vehicles, as well as supporting the energy transition worldwide.

End-to-end reporting support

GM’s reporting suite has included both a PDF report and a sustainability microsite, where content is presented for maximum interest and to serve different stakeholder needs. A key audience for the report is the investor community, which is why we included detailed performance data paired with strategic discussions of material topics. A comprehensive ESG data center contains over 1,000 metrics as well as indices for GRI, SASB and TCFD to make it easy for investors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Important secondary audiences for the report include current and prospective employees, NGOs and influencers. We’ve incorporated engaging photography, compelling feature stories and eye-catching infographics that make content easy to absorb and appealing to these readers.

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In the spirit of Lam Research’s “let’s prove it” promise, data supports the report’s running narrative, enhancing transparency and delivering concrete examples of progress.

Infographics illustrate Whirlpool Corporation’s path to net zero by 2030.