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What does progress look like?

The answer looks different for every client we work with, depending on their unique challenges and opportunities. Over several decades, we’ve collaborated with companies across nearly every industry, supporting both newcomers and longtime ESG leaders alike.

Explore some of the solutions we’ve delivered for our clients.


This technology leader’s Purpose programs are making a world of difference. We worked with them on an ESG content strategy that makes key messages stand out.

Elevate storytelling
Ulta Beauty

We helped Ulta Beauty share their ESG story with the world for the first time.

First-time ESG reporting
General Motors

Over the course of many years, we worked with GM to increase the rigor of their reporting.

Strengthening disclosures

CRI created a suite of ESG communications to help MetLife reach many audiences.

Multistakeholder communication

Brown-Forman has been a leader in the spirits industry for more than a century. We help them communicate how business and sustainability are intertwined.

Integrated reporting

As Caterpillar continuously improves its heavy equipment, CRI has helped them improve their ESG reporting approach.

Framework alignment