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A more confident future.

Multistakeholder communication

CRI created a suite of ESG communications to help MetLife reach many audiences.

As a global insurer, MetLife exists to protect people, businesses and communities from unexpected challenges, to sustain them in times of need and to help them make decisions with confidence. When the company began working with CRI, they were looking for ways to design their sustainability disclosures to match this helpful, intuitive approach.

MetLife publishes content geared toward investors, policyholders, employees and ESG ratings and rankings organizations, and wanted to be sure that each of these audiences could find exactly what they were looking for. But analytics on MetLife’s website revealed opportunities to better meet users’ needs.

Giving readers the content they seek

After benchmarking MetLife’s communications against those of their peers and analyzing other best-in-class websites, CRI proposed serving up content with MetLife’s many audiences in mind. We created a report organized around how the insurer creates value for each of its stakeholders — its workforce, customers, institutional investors, the environment and communities. This easy-to-follow structure allows readers from each of these groups to zero in on the content that matters most to them.

The company’s online Sustainability Resource Center, in contrast, is organized according to ESG pillars. It includes detailed, topic-based disclosures in each of these areas, as well as MetLife’s responses to key ESG frameworks, including GRI, SASB, TCFD, the UN SDGs, UN Global Compact and CDP. It also includes a repository of company statements, policies and codes on ESG topics, an archive of past reports and an FAQ page with answers to common questions about MetLife’s ESG approach.

Like many other companies, MetLife has more investors and analysts interested in its ESG disclosures than ever. Its comprehensive suite of reporting tools provides the level of detail and rigor that these audiences seek.

CRI can help you understand your report’s most important audiences and develop ESG communications that will resonate with each.

We helped WM refine their approach with an engagement website designed to reach customers and employees, a PDF Disclosure Report geared toward investors and an ESG Hub for stakeholders interested in diving deep on specific topics.

Edison International must communicate with a wide variety of audiences, and we have worked with them to publish distinct reports on Sustainability, Community Impact, Sustainable Financing, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Liquid IV’s topic-specific highlights are easily sharable for internal and external stakeholders. An in-depth data center enhances transparency while improving readability throughout the report.