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Though financial and, increasingly, ESG reporting is often an exercise in regulatory compliance, we believe companies enjoy higher returns when these publications deliver differentiated and compelling communication.

Whether an organization is new to reporting or looking to take disclosure to the next level, we’re eager to help share progress in a way that engages key audiences and helps drive business value. The goal is to develop a reporting cadence and process that optimizes internal resources to deliver targeted, effective messaging and disclosure.

We apply a turnkey, yet highly flexible process that has been honed over the past 40 years. Our business started as a financial reporting firm, so the demands of regulatory disclosure — accuracy, quality and hard deadlines — are well-integrated into our practices and culture.

While most of our projects involve either annual, ESG or integrated reports, our full-service teams also can also develop more specialized publications and communication vehicles.

Our teams can support:

  • Proxy statements
  • DEI reports
  • Industry research reports
  • Codes of conduct
  • Employee handbooks

Often, we work with clients to develop multiple deliverables in a single reporting cycle to gain efficiencies and streamline processes. Many clients also work with us to develop online ESG resource hubs, corporate websites and data centers to complement and strengthen their annual reporting. In addition, we provide creative and editorial resources for other communications assets to further serve our clients’ needs, as well as offering strategies to support report launches and amplify their reach.

Our reporting process at-a-glance

We guide clients through all stages of the reporting process, beginning with an overarching reporting strategy and continuing through design and final production. Our process typically includes:

Initial concept development

We kick off the process by getting to know an organization and aligning on reporting goals and needs. This can include peer benchmarking, content mapping and interviews with subject matter experts.

Framework development

Our ESG analysts and strategists complete a gap analysis and work to identify the appropriate standards and frameworks for the report. They will then generate indexes and begin to fill gaps.


Once we’ve gathered all content, our copywriters draft the report, beginning with an outline and working several rounds of revisions based on feedback from internal reviews.

Initial design development

After understanding a company’s brand identity, our designers propose several potential creative directions and themes. Then, we integrate photography, data visualization and other assets to create the initial report layout.

Proof generation

As we integrate content into a designed report, we move through multiple rounds of review to generate a final PDF document. During this phase, we’ll complete proofreading, ensure ADA compliance and provide print and web development support as needed.

Report amplification

As you approach launch, we can provide a strategy and assets to amplify report readership. This may include the development of feature stories, infographics, news releases and/or social media content.

Continuous improvement

Even with decades of experience, our team learns something new from every report we produce. We’ll meet with clients to celebrate achievement, collect feedback on the process and discuss opportunities for maturation in future reports.