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What does progress look like?

A positive impact
for 1 billion people.

Elevate storytelling

This technology leader’s Purpose programs are making a world of difference. We worked with them on an ESG content strategy that makes key messages stand out.

Cisco has a track record of social and environmental impact that many companies aspire to. Cisco Networking Academy, the world’s largest and longest-running corporate social responsibility education program, has helped millions of people learn technology skills for nearly three decades. The company has been setting GHG emissions reduction goals for over 15 years and was one of the first in its industry to set a net-zero target. In 2016, Cisco set a goal to positively impact 1 billion people through their social impact grants and signature programs — an ambitious goal toward which they are rapidly advancing.

Given the longevity and maturity of their ESG programs, Cisco has a wealth of stories and data to share. When CRI began our work with Cisco, all of this information was captured in the company’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report (now called the Purpose Report). Over time, the report had become unwieldy, evolving into more of a reference document than a readable snapshot of annual progress.

How we simplified Cisco’s story

CRI guided Cisco in transitioning to a new approach: a streamlined annual Purpose Report, combined with an online ESG Reporting Hub. The new Purpose Report allows Cisco’s key messages and timely updates to shine through. Feature stories provide a closer look at some of the company’s noteworthy partnerships, while messages from leadership provide an insider’s perspective on strategic direction.

The ESG Reporting Hub, meanwhile, serves as a repository for information not included in the Purpose Report. This includes evergreen descriptions of long-running programs; historical data on emissions reductions, supply chain audits and workforce demographics; and links to policies and resources of interest. The Hub’s web-based format means that updates can be made on a rolling basis throughout the year.

These two distinct communications vehicles give Cisco the best of both worlds: a place to shine a light on the many ways Cisco is making a difference and a place to fully detail the depth and breadth of this vital work.

We’ve created reporting strategies for other clients looking to streamline reporting while maintaining robust disclosures.

With a reporting hub, PDF report, executive summary and accompanying video, readers of Mohawk Industries’ ESG disclosures can dive as deep as they choose into the company’s latest progress.

We helped WM refine their approach to reporting with an engagement website designed to reach customers and employees, a PDF Disclosure Report geared toward investors and an ESG Hub for stakeholders interested in diving deep on specific topics.