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What does progress look like?

Responsibly made
beauty products.

First-time ESG reporting

We helped Ulta Beauty share their ESG story with the world for the first time.

Ulta Beauty believes that beauty makes the world a better place, and their ESG work focuses on the many ways they're striving to leave a positive legacy. When Ulta Beauty was ready to produce their first ESG report, CRI helped them determine how best to share their story with the world.

The undertaking of an inaugural ESG report can be a daunting task. There is a story to tell and data to gather, in addition to navigating the reporting process itself, including engaging the right stakeholders, developing robust content and keeping the production process on time and on budget.

A proven approach for first-time reporting

We started by diving deep into Ulta Beauty’s business — as well as that of their peers and their industry. Benchmarking helped us set a threshold for reporting expectations within the beauty category and retail sector, as well as to help determine opportunities for differentiation. Interviews with subject-matter experts across the company provided us with insights on everything from sustainable packaging to community involvement.

From there, we determined how best to express Ulta Beauty’s message through content and design, applying a reporting process that we’ve honed over decades. We also helped them determine what data to disclose and how to best present it, considering the needs of investors, brand partners and other audiences.

The result is an on-brand report that makes key information easy to absorb. CRI and Ulta Beauty have now created three reports together, and the company is beginning to see meaningful progress from their ESG initiatives. With a strong foundation to build upon, Ulta Beauty’s story has evolved, and its data disclosure has grown even more robust with time.

We’ve helped other new reporters put their stories into words for the first time.

For Otis, a leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and other equipment, we set the stage for their ESG story by providing context about macroeconomic trends driving business growth.

We created explanatory infographics that demonstrate Liquid IV’s impact and sustainability strategy at a glance.

For Blue Diamond Growers, we zeroed in on a key set of focus areas most relevant to them as a food company.