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UPS’s logistics business is growing, global and complex. That complexity, and the company’s commitment to detailed and transparent stakeholder communication, over time caused its CSR report to grow in length and granularity. For the 2017 report, the fourth year of our partnership, CRI helped the company take a clean sheet with respect to format. We produced a Progress Report containing reflections on progress over the past year, while a separate GRI Content Index, prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards, Comprehensive option, provides extensive data, management approaches and operational detail. This reporting strategy allows UPS to offer different stakeholder groups two distinctive formats — providing a more satisfying and useful experience for all readers.

Infographics deliver simple explanations of complex aspects of UPS’s business.


Q&As with both internal and external stakeholders provide a variety of perspectives on UPS’s impact and performance.

In-depth features tell the full story of how UPS is investing in the next-generation logistics network.

A digital presentation aligns content perfectly with the GRI Standards framework.