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The automotive industry is undergoing one of the most significant transformations in its history. Vehicles are becoming autonomous, electric and shared — and General Motors is at the forefront of this transition. The Company has set forth one of the industry’s — if not corporate America’s — boldest visions: Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion. Because of the environmental and social benefits offered by these emerging technologies, stakeholder interest in GM’s sustainability strategy is at an all-time high. In its 2017 Sustainability Report, our eighth for GM, the company and its leaders address these trends and the forward-thinking strategy it is executing to create a new automotive future. Our sustainability communications partnership with GM is all encompassing, from managing its materiality assessment to content strategy to complete digital design and development.

An engaging interactive sequence puts forth GM’s bold “Zero” strategy.

The report is organized into four sections: Aspire, explaining its overall approach; Manage, detailing strategy around each material issue; Measure, covering key metrics; and Act, documenting the latest progress.


GM reports against all major frameworks, including GRI, UNGC, SASB and most recently, The Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).

Messages from regional leadership inform the global scope of the report.