Campbell’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report theme: Real Food, Real Commitment, Real Change, reflects the close linkage between the company’s business strategy and its newly adopted Purpose — Real food that matters for life’s moments. Today’s consumers expect a higher level of transparency about what’s in food and how it is grown, processed and packaged — from farm to table. The report spotlights Campbell’s leadership in providing consumers with information they need to make better-informed choices about the products they purchase and serve. For the 2016 Report, we facilitated Campbell’s transition from the GRI 3.1 to the G4 reporting standard, structuring the presentation of each Material Issue into three components: Why it Matters, How We Manage and Our Progress. Add it all up, and stakeholders get the real story of Campbell’s leadership in sustainable and responsible food.

The Report’s home page provides readers with a high-level overview of the report’s most important messages.

A scorecard provides a quick progress report to begin each section.


Each issue is covered in a structured discussion around materiality, management and progress.

Other topics and information, such as answers to common survey questions, are found in a
FAQ section.