Big Ideas
That Move

Our long-term partnership with Caterpillar, now in its seventh year, encompasses both annual financial and sustainability reporting – projects that are executed with complementary themes and graphic design. When you are the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, efficiency is paramount. That’s why Caterpillar’s 2015 Year in Review, which highlights emerging areas of business focus, was created with an eye toward developing narrative content that can be repurposed to even more stakeholders through the company’s various social media channels. For the companion Sustainability Report, messaging has expanded across their most material environmental and social focus areas. And we put a premium on engaging functionality and intuitive navigation to make sure the big ideas cut through.

Complementary themes and design work together across the Caterpillar Year in Review and Sustainability Report to present a comprehensive story of the Company.

The 2015 Year in Review opens with a scroll through 90 years of Caterpillar history.


Similarly, the opening of the 2015 Sustainability Report demonstrates how Caterpillar has made sustainable progress possible over nearly a century.

Feature stories from
both reports are
repurposed on social
media outlets
throughout the year,
helping to drive
ongoing readership
of the reports.